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GalleryRetail (GR) has hosted art experiences across the country and worked with an array of organizations. These activities include consulting for Newark Celebration 350, the City of Newark, Design Philadelphia for Art of the Kickback, Quick Culture Meetup at Newark Riverfront Park, live painting performances at PEX Summer Festival, and many community arts events about Newark (NJ) and beyond. GR will grow into a hub for goods, talent, and resources. Artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and individual consumers will all have a place in the innovation lab, business incubator, and coworking environment GalleryRetail will soon be.

Creative Director's Statement

The ambition is to empower others and create opportunity. As the late Imamu Amiri Baraka said, “Art is a weapon in the struggle of ideas, the class struggle.” Paint, canvas, words, and even business are tools to impact our communities. My true media are the communities I am apart of. If I can inspire, connect, and enable others to do their best work, then I am successful.

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